Unlike a lot of large chain-pizza restaurants, we don’t hide behind half-truths when it comes to “fresh ingredients.” Our dough isn’t made and frozen in a central processing plant then shipped to us; we make our dough fresh at our restaurant. Our famous Steve’s [pizza] Sauce doesn’t show up at our restaurant in cans or plastic bottles; it is prepared fresh by our quality-minded staff. You can listen to those other guys tell you that you are getting “better ingredients,” but is that what you are really getting?

Here at Steve’s Pizza, we strive to bring you quality food at an affordable price. We’re not just talking about our pizzas either. Our pasta dishes are continually growing in popularity and our sandwiches are served on fresh baked buns and rolls daily. We’re not just a pizza parlor…

We are Steve’s Pizza. Pizza Perfected!


In 1978, Steve Wilkinson was approached by a close friend and enticed to open a pizza parlor in downtown Davis, California. At the time, Davis was a sleepy, rural town adjacent to the University of California, a growing agricultural and medical research campus. Word quickly spread through the community regarding the quality of his menu and the “friendly guy with the large mustache” who worked day and night to make his new venture successful. Thus was born, Steve’s Pizza.

The Steve’s story continues to evolve. It has been in operation since its founding in 1978 and continues to produce loyal customers simply because their expectations have always been met or exceeded. Today there are four locations in the Greater Sacramento area. Those include the original store in Davis, El Dorado Hills, Elk Grove, and of course right here in Woodland. There is also a new store coming to East Sacramento in the works. It is scheduled to open in Summer of 2019. We look forward to the expansion of Steve’s Pizza and maintaining the original commitment of Steve Wilkinson, to provide great food at reasonable prices in an atmosphere conducive to fun and family.

Thank you for your interest in Steve’s Pizza.